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Pneumatic flange butterfly valve

Pneumatic flange butterfly valve

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10 + Units / Unit
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Port : Shanghai & Ningbo & Shenzhen. Transportation : Ocean , Land , Air.
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    Key Features
    • High pressure and temperature rating
    • Corrosion-resistant materials
    • Wide range of sizes
    • Low maintenance requirements
    • Tight shutoff capabilities
    • Accurate flow control
    • Easy installation
    • Compatible with various fluids
    • Compliance with industry standards
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    Product Details
    Pneumatic flange butterfly valve.
    Nominal diameter DN50 ~ 800mm
    Nominal pressure 16,25,40 bar (Please specify if ordering higher pressure)
    Medium temperature W1: -40 ~ 180 ℃, W3: -30 ~ 425 ℃, W4: -40 ~ 425 ℃
    Connected mode flange
    Temperature: standard -20 ~ 80 ℃
    Design criteria GB / 12238, API609
    Length of the structure GB12221, ANSI B16.10
    Flange size GB / 9113, JB / T79, ANSI B16.47 (26-32 ") NSI B16.47 (26-32")
    Test and verification JB / T9092 API598
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