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Electric telescopic butterfly valve

Electric telescopic butterfly valve

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Port : Shanghai & Ningbo & Shenzhen. Transportation : Ocean , Land , Air.
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    Key Features
    • High pressure and temperature rating
    • Corrosion-resistant materials
    • Wide range of sizes
    • Low maintenance requirements
    • Tight shutoff capabilities
    • Accurate flow control
    • Easy installation
    • Compatible with various fluids
    • Compliance with industry standards
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    Product Details
    First, an overview of electric retractable butterfly valve Telescopic butterfly valve for temperature ≤ 80 ℃, nominal pressure ≤ 1.6MPa food, medicine, chemicals, petroleum, electricity, textile, paper and other water supply and drainage, gas pipeline to regulate flow and interception of the role of media, with compensation for pipe thermal expansion Cold shrink function. Its main features are as follows: 1, the design is novel, reasonable, unique structure, light weight, easy operation, quick opening and closing; 2 telescopic butterfly valve in addition to the role of regulation and closure, compensation for pipe temperature difference caused by thermal expansion and contraction functions, Also for the installation of replacement, maintenance of the valve to provide convenience. 3, sealing parts can be adjusted replacement, sealing and reliable performance. Second, the electric telescopic butterfly valve actuator 1, Power: The motor is three-phase AC, 380V (special order 660V, 440V or 220V), 50Hz (special order 60Hz); Control line voltage 220V / 50Hz (special order 60Hz); Remote control voltage 24VDC. 2, the ambient temperature: -20 ~ +60 ℃ (special order -60 ~ +80 ℃) 3, the relative temperature: ≤ 90% (25 ℃) 4, ordinary and outdoor for non-flammable / No corrosive medium place; Explosion-proof products are dI and dIIBT4 two, dI for non-mining coal mining face; dIIBT4 for the factory, for the environment for the IIA, IIB grade T1-T4 group explosive gas mixture. (See GB3836.1) 5, protection class: outdoor type and explosion-proof type is IP55 (can be customized IP67). 6, work system: for a short time 10 minutes (can be customized for 30 minutes).
    Nominal diameter DN50 ~ 2000mm
    Nominal pressure PN0.6 ~ 1.6MPa
    Temperature -30 ~ 200 ℃
    Operating modes manual, worm gear, gas transmission, electric transmission
    Design and manufacturing standards GB / T 12238-2008, JB / T8527-1997
    Structure length standard GB / T 12221-2005
    Connection flange standard GB / T 9113
    Pressure temperature rating GB / T 12224-2005
    Test test standards GB / T 13927-2008
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